Schools and Clubs of the
World Martial Arts Association

Here you will find an alphabetical listing of links to World Martial Arts Association Schools. We will be adding more information so please check back to find out more about the school in your area.

If you are an Instructor in the World Martial Arts Association and would like information posted on this site for your club, please contact Dr. Dawn Jones.

World Martial Arts Association, Headmaster Dr. Michael T. Dealy, 9th Dan, Brooklyn, NY

Addison, Instructor Scott L. Towner, 5th Dan, Addison, NY

Avoca, Doug Walker, 2nd Dan, Avoca, NY

Bay Ridge Tae Kwon Do, Instructor Thomas Stramka, 4th Dan, Brooklyn, NY

Beacon, Instructors Rocco Lombardo 6th Dan, Christopher dePrado 5th Dan, Brooklyn, NY

Brockport, Instructors Michael A. Jones, 5th Dan & Dr. Dawn M. Jones, 4th Dan, Brockport, NY

Buffalo, Instructor Bryan Wilczynski, 4th Dan, Buffalo, NY

Fordham University Tae Kwon Do, Instructor Pat Natoli, 4th Dan, New York City, NY

Greece, Merle Salisbury, 1st Dan, Greece, NY

Indianapolis Tae Kwon Do, Master Dr. Philip Zaneteas, 7th Dan, Indianapolis, IN

Mission Martial Arts, Instructor Pat Natoli, 4th Dan, New York City, NY

Ohanamalu Tae Kwon Do, Philip Barr, 1st Dan, Buffalo, NY

Rochester Tae Kwon Do, Carolyn Arnold, 1st Dan, Rochester, NY

White Tiger Tae Kwon Do, Instructor John Diahy, 5th Dan, Hazlet, NJ

WMAKarate, Instructor Howard Latting, 6th Dan, New York City, NY

World Martial Arts Academy of Jacksonville, Instructor Thomas Mohr, 4th Dan & Amy Mohr, 1st Dan, Jacksonville, FL



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