The Olympia High School Club, Greece, NY

Greece, NY

The Greece High School Club is one of the younger programs of the World Martial Arts Association. It is taught by Mr Merle Salisbury, a highly dedicated First Degree Black Belt.

Our Classes

Classes are held after immediately after school on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. In fair weather the club practices outside and in inclement weather they practice in the main hallway. The class is designed to allow students to practice and then take the after school bus.

History of the Greece Club

The Greece club was started in the winter of 2005 by Mr. Salisbury and Mr. Matthew Angell. The club has a strong membership in the high school and is rapidly growing. Club members have had the opportunity to travel across the state to attend WMAA events. Several members have risen to the rank of purple belt in the high school club!


Mr. Merle Salisbury has been a highly motivated student of the art since coming to SUNY Brockport in 2002. He has attended numerous camps, special practices, tournaments and other martial arts events and has excelled in both skill and character, becoming a first degree in 2005. He has been a tournament champion several times across the nation and has assisted his Instructor, Michael Jones, since he first joined the Brockport Club. He has recently finished his Masterís degree in Mathematics at SUNY Brockport and a tenured mathematics teacher at Greece Olympia. He and his wife live in the town of Parma.


Mr. Matthew Angell has been immersed in teaching both Mathematics and Tae Kwon Do since coming to SUNY Brockport in 2002. Under his Instructorís direction, Mr Angell has assisted in several programs, including summer programs at the college and the youth and family program. He has participated in tournaments, events, special practices, and camps across the nation, steadily achieving higher ranks in the art. He received his first degree Black Belt in 2005. Matthew is a mathematics teacher at both the Wayne Central School District and Finger Lakes Community College. He has received his Masterís degree in pure Mathematics at SUNY Brockport and plans on continuing to devote his time to Tae Kwon Do, Mathematics, and teaching...



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