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Contact Us

There are many clubs practicing under the auspices of the World Martial Art Association.

Please feel free to contact any of the Instructors listed below for more information

Addison, NY

Scott L. Towner, 5th Dan

Beacon, NY

Rocco Lombardo, 6th Dan
Chris de Prado, 5th Dan

Brockport, NY

Michael A. Jones, 5th Dan
Dawn M. Jones, 4rd Dan

Buffalo, NY

Bryan Wilczynski, 4th Dan

Greece, NY

Matthew Angell, 1st Dan
Merle Salisbury, 1st Dan

Jacksonville, FL

Thomas Mohr, 4th Dan
Amy Mohr, 1st Dan



Tae Kwon Doist Jose Guerrido (2nd Dan) is Rocco's student in his 4th tour in Iraq.

He is presently teaching a group of soldiers Tae Kwon Do in between firefights. When stationed in the States, the club practices at Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.


TKDSummer2009 566

The Brockport club at the 2009 Training camp

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