Buffalo, NY

The Buffalo club was created in 1990 and practices at St Mary’s School in downtown Lancaster. Hundreds of youth from the area have had the opportunity to practice in this program and many have become black belts, often going on to start programs of their own.

Our Classes

Classes are held at St. Mary’s School in downtown Lancaster, NY

History of the Buffalo Club

Mr. Thomas Mohr, 4th Dan, created the Buffalo Tae Kwon Do club after he graduated from SUNY Fredonia in 1990. Since its inception the club has grown steadily in size and it is currently instructed by Mr. Bryan Wilczynski, a dedicated 4th Dan Black Belt that first started practicing with Mr. Mohr in 1990.


Mr. Bryan Wilczynski has been actively teaching and practicing Tae Kwon Do since he first joined the Buffalo Club in 1990. He has attended many camps, events, tournaments and workshops on the art and on teaching methods. He currently lives in Lancaster with his three children.




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