Brockport Alumni

Brockport Alumni

Hundreds of The College at Brockport students have participated in the Brockport Programs since their inception. Several notable ones include the Black and Brown Belts listed below:

2nd Degree Black Belts:

James Parry ( BS Physics and Criminal Justice 2006 ) James was the second student to join the club and became a first degree Black Belt in 2003. He is the first student that has become a 2nd degree Black Belt, earning that honor in November of 2006. He is a graduate student at SUNY Buffalo, and is pursuing a Doctorate Degree in Experimental Physics.

1st Degree Black Belts:

Salim Abduljelil (BS Computer Science 2004 ) Salim was the first student in the Brockport club and the first Black Belt, receiving that honor in August of 2003. He is a former club president and alumni director for the club. He and his wife currently reside in Rochester, NY.

Matthew Angell ( BS Mathematics 2005, MA Mathematics 2006 ) Matthew is a mathematics teacher in Wayne, NY and an adjunct at FLCC. He received his first degree Black Belt rank in 2005. He completed both his Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mathematics at SUNY Brockport, graduating with high honors. He and his wife, Amanda, live in Palmrya, NY and are expecting their first child in the spring of 2010..

Merle Salisbury ( BS Mathematics 2005, MA Mathematics 2007 ) Mr Salisbury posesses both and Bachelors and a Masters degree in Mathematics from The College at Brockport, earning high honors in both. He is a teacher at Greece Olympia High School and is the instructor for the club at the school. He is also an adjunct lecturer at MCC. He received his first degree rank in the summer of 2005. He and his wife currently live in Greece, NY.

Carolyn Arnold ( BS Geology 2006 ) Mrs. Arnold has been an assistant to the program instructors at Brockport for many years and is currently a mentor for the youth and family program. She graduated from the college in 2006 with high honors. She received her first degree Black Belt in the summer of 2007. She lives in Rochester and teaches TKD in the city with her husband James, who is a Brown Belt in the program.

Megan Leis ( BA Physical Education/ Athletic Training 2007 ) Ms. Leis has been a dedicated member and officer of the club for many years and is a volunteer athletic trainer for the clubs. She is currently a doctoral student at SUNY Upstate Medical University where she is pursuing a degree in Physical Therapy. She received her first degree Black Belt at the Summer 2008 training camp in the Catskill Mountains. She resides in Syracuse, NY.

Allison Baker - ( Brockport High School Class of 2012) Allison has been a member of the Youth program for over 6 years and has consistently been one of the most active members and mentors in the program. She is a sophomore at BHS and is very active in both the Girl Scouts and JV Lacrosse. She has attended many tournaments, events and training camps with the Headmaster, including the Summer 2009 camp where she took her first degree black belt test.

Michael Eldred - ( Albion Middle School ) Michael has diligently studied the art for over half of his life and continues to be a positive role model for many younger students in the Youth program. He is a national tournament champion and has traveled across the state for many events and training camps. He also is an accomplished musician and football player. Michael recently passed his first degree test on August 22, 2009.

Matthew Costello - ( BS Physical Education and Sport 2008 ) Matthew has been dedicated to the art of Tae Kwon Do since he came to Brockport in 2004. He has been a club president, club mentor, and a national champion several times and has traveled across the country for tests, events, exhibitions, and tournaments. He is currently a member of the board of directors for Ohanamalu TKD where he devotes his time and efforts to support the program on a daily basis. Matthew passed his test for first degree black belt in August, 2009

Matthew Bala - ( BS Criminal Justice 2008 ) Matthew began practicing in the college club when he came to Brockport in 2004. He has been a club officer, mentor, an assistant to the teachers in three programs, and has been a national champion in his division twice. He graduated with high honors from SUNY Brockport in 2008 and has been very active in the TKD community since then. He successfully completed a week long training camp to earn his first degree rank on August 22, 2009. Matthew is enrolling in a graduate program in the spring of 2010.

Philip Barr - ( BS International Studies 2008 ) Philip has been an active member of the Brockport college club since he started in 2005 and is currently the Director of Ohanamalu TKD, a not for profit organization in Buffalo, NY seeking to empower youth and communities by creating opportunities for mentoring and positive experiences through the practice of Tae Kwon Do. Philip became the most recent first degree black belt in the club on August 22, 2009. He is currently a graduate student at University of Buffalo, where he is seeking his MSW degree.

Junior Brown Belts:

Ariella D’Amico - October 2009

Adrianna Weed - October 2009

Nicole Eldred - November 2009

Teddi Rivera - August 2006

Joseph Zukoski - June 2002

Sara Zukoski - June 2002

Brown Belts:

Meghan Murphy - November 2006

William Zuke - August 2006

David Horak - January 2008

Devon Starks - January 2008

Chandra Pankratz - May 2008

James Arnold - November 2008

Jeffery Bates - November 2008


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