SUNY Brockport Tae Kwon Do

Brockport, NY

The Brockport programs were created in 2001 when Dr Dawn Jones, 4th Dan, and Mr Michael Jones, 5th Dan, moved to the area. There are currently four distinct programs that students can participate in at the College. The College Club and the College Tournament Team consist of current SUNY College at Brockport students. The Youth and Family Community Program is open to alumni, faculty, adult community members and their children. The college students also have the option to enroll in PES147; Introduction to Tae Kwon Do for credit.

Our Classes

All classes are held in the Cooper Hall ROTC Gym on the SUNY Brockport Campus. For directions to Cooper Hall please visit the Campus Map.

 The Youth and Family program meets on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 PM-6:30 PM. All children and their parents attend at this time. Adult community members, college club, tournament team members, and PES147 students are welcome to practice Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays from 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM. when the college is in session.

History of the Brockport Clubs and Programs

The Brockport programs began in 2001 under the direction of Michael and Dawn Jones. At first the club consisted of only a few college students and a few children, all practicing together in an unused dance studio. The programs have been steadily growing since inception and program moved to the larger ROTC Gym in 2005. The Youth and Family Program was formally added in 2003 and the PES147 class was added in the Fall of 2006. The Instructors plan on adding a new class; PES247 Intermediate Tae Kwon Do in the spring of 2009.


Mr. Michael A. Jones, 5th Dan. Michael has been steadily practicing and teaching Tae Kwon Do since he first joined the SUNY Fredonia Tae Kwon Do Club in 1986. He became a First Degree Black Belt in 1989 under Mr. Rocco Lombadro and remained in Fredonia to teach after Mr. Lombadro returned to Brooklyn in 1990. He founded the Rochester Tae Kwon Do Club in 1990 and taught at R.I.T. for several years before moving to Michigan to instruct the Western Michigan University (WMU) TKD Club with Dawn Jones in 1993. He created the Keuka College Tae Kwon Do Club in 1999 and the Brockport Programs in 2001. He has attended countless events and special practices with the Headmaster of the Art, Michael T. Dealy over the past 22 years and is a nationally certified referee. Michael holds a bachelors degree in Mathematics and Physics and completed the coursework for Secondary Education. He is currently the College Club and the Tournament team Instructor.

Dr. Dawn M. Jones, 4th Dan. Dr Jones has been dedicated to Tae Kwon Do Instruction since she joined the SUNY Fredonia Tae Kwon Do Club in 1990. She completed her Bachelors degree in Mathematics in only three years, graduating in 1993. She then enrolled in a P.hd. program in pure mathematics at Western Michigan University in 1993, where she also started the Tae Kwon Do Club there. She received her Doctoral Degree in 1998 in Topological Graph Theory, the youngest P.h.d. recepient ever at WMU. Dr Jones began the Keuka College Club as well as the SUNY Brockport Club and has served as an Advisor and Assistant Instructor in all four colleges that she has been involved with. Dr Jones is also the Instructor for PES147. She is currently one of the highest ranked women Black Belts in the WMAA and is a consistent tournament champion. Dr Jones and her husband, Michael, reside in Clarkson, NY and have one son.

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