About Us

About Us

One World Tae Kwon Do schools are all members of the World Martial Arts Association.


Our Values

Respect Each member of One World Tae Kwon Do learns respect for fellow classmates. We teach NON contact Tae Kwon Do which fosters respect among students and Instructors and provides a challenging but non threatening learning environment.

Student Success: At One World Tae Kwon Do student success is the goal for every class. Student success varies from person to person and so we create individualized plans for each student to ensure he or she gets the most out of each class.

Leadership: At One World Tae Kwon Do, you receive the kind of instruction and care you expect from a leader. Leadership skills are nurtured in all students.

Teamwork: We make it our responsibility to know you. We work closely with you and/or your child to ensure that the training we provide is tailored to meet your unique needs and challenges. We are committed to your success.

Passion: The One World Tae Kwon Do instructor are passionate about the Art of Tae Kwon Do and their enthusiasm helps to keep everyone in the class excited about each new day. Instructors promote this passion to apply to all aspects of a studentís life; academic, personal, and professional.


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Tae Kwon Do:

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